There are a lot of stories out there about people helping other people. But recently, a team of special people came together to help a very sick animal. Doctors and veterinarians teamed up at the Milwaukee County Zoo for a life-saving surgery on a young bonobo named Qasai.

Qasai is four and a half years old, which means he’s usually very active. Recently, keepers at the zoo picked up on some unusual behavior.

“Our bonobo keepers noticed Qasai was spending a lot more time on his mom,” said Patricia Kahn, curator of primates and small mammals.

Initially, they thought his symptoms could have been from an ear infection or a toothache.

“He was pulling at the side of his mouth and tapping the side of his face, and he even had a little bit of a head tilt,” said senior staff veterinarian Dr. Pamela Govett.

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