• Dentistry

      We offer complete oral care to include cleaning/polishing and full mouth radiographs which allows for complete assessment of the entire tooth from root to crown. We also offer advanced dental surgery and dental abscess repair. In addition, we perform routine teeth trimming for all exotic species as well as medical extractions and corrective procedures.

    • Cardiology

      We offer full comprehensive care for cardiac patients to include ECG, blood pressure, thoracic radiographs as well as echocardiography (complete cardiac ultrasound). We have the ability to manage advanced cardiac conditions including congestive heart failure and heartworm disease.

    • Digital Imaging

      We offer complete cardiac and abdominal ultrasonography. We also offer digital radiography for the entire body to include dental radiographs. We have the added feature of interpretation by a boarded radiologist. We offer ultrasound guided biopsy and cytology when indicated.

    • Wellness/Preventative Care

      We offer complete life stage care from neonatal to geriatric care and everything in between.  This includes comprehensive physical exams, vaccinations, blood pressure monitoring, deworming, heartworm/flea/tick prevention, screening blood work and monitoring for patients with chronic illness. We also offer comprehensive preventative health care programs that are built for your convenience to include all the recommended services at a low monthly payment.

    • Chronic Illness

      We are comfortable managing any long term illness to include but not limited to endocrine disease (hypo or hyperthyroid, cushings, addisons, diabetes, insulinoma), heart disease, seizures, valley fever, allergies, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, liver disease, inflammatory bowel disease and this is just to name a few.

    • Nutrition Center

      We offer Hills, Royal Canin and Purina prescription veterinary diets in our in hospital store. Don’t see what you need? Ask us and we can order it for you! We also offer exotic animal diets to include OXBOW and HARRISONS.

    • Day Care/Boarding Facility

      Full service day care and overnight boarding for all species. We have the added benefit of having a veterinarian available 24/7 in the event there is an emergency with your Pet while you are away.

    • Surgery

      In addition to routine spay and neuter surgeries on most species we all offer advanced soft tissue, reproductive and abdominal surgeries. These include but are not limited to mass removal, foreign body removal, gastropexy, feeding tubes, limb amputations, biopsy, splenectomy, C-sections, enucleation, aural (ear) surgery, cystotomy, simple fracture repair, femoral head and neck osteotomy, lacerations and trauma.  We also can place chest tubes and perform basic thoracic surgery.

    • Emergency Care

      Rapid evaluation, stabilization and intensive care hospitalization for all medical and surgical emergencies. We have a doctor available 24/7.  If the doctor is not already on site, they are available on call for emergencies that need to be seen outside of the hours listed.  THERE IS ALWAYS A WELL QUALIFIED/EXPERIENCED technician in the building at all times to answer your questions and care for your pet.

    • Exotics

      Complete 24hr medical, surgical and wellness services for all exotic mammals, reptile and avian patients. In house consultation by an experienced zoo veterinarian.

    • Large Animal

      Complete 24hr medical and wellness services for large animals to include horses, llamas/alpacas, pigs, goats, sheep and other species.  We will offer limited surgical services as well to include lacerations, dystocia (having trouble giving birth) and wound care. We can also schedule house calls for routine wellness care and other minor medical concerns.  Emergency house calls can be arranged

    • Laboratory Testing

      We will offer full service in house and reference laboratory testing.  This includes in house chemistry analyzer, complete blood cell counts, coagulation times, ionized calcium, urinalysis, cytology, and fecal testing.  Our outside reference laboratory is one of the leading companies in veterinary medicine and we can offer any lab test that needs to be run.

    • Pharmacy

      We will offer a complete in house pharmacy for your convenience.

    • Senior Care

      We are proud to offer comprehensive medical and preventative care to meet the unique needs of senior pets. Everything from specialized nutrition, managing osteoarthritis, and treating some of the common medical concerns our aging pets may face.