A recent article from the New York Post about dogs and cats possibly needing the COVID-19 vaccine has pet owners talking on social media. 

With vaccine supplies in short supply, some people are wondering when their pet would be eligible for a vaccine, if it’s safe or whether they need it at all. 

As Wake Up Charlotte viewers know, our pets are a big part of our lives, as well as our viewers. So, WCNC Charlotte’s Rachel Lundberg went to two Charlotte veterinarians to get the answers. 

So, do our dogs and cats need to be vaccinated for COVID-19?  Here’s what we learned after talking to two Charlotte veterinarians. 

Marnie Gallagher, doctor of veterinarian medicine, at Armstrong Animal Clinic and Dr. Fred Wininger, a neurologist neurosurgeon at Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency, agreed that household pets are not a big concern for either suffering severe illness or spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Read more…

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