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    Our skilled and experienced staff members are always available to help you with any urgent concern. Call for emergency service: (520) 600-7100.
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From The Blog

Civano Animal Hospital


You have the warmest staff at the front desk. The vet was so gentle with our dog, and made sure I knew exactly how to medically treat my dog at home. I highly recommend this clinic for emergency care.

Barbara B.

Extremely prompt, professional and compassionate care for our dog while traveling from out of town with a follow up call checking on him the next day.


I went for urgent visit in the evening, it was explained to me the doctor had emergent visits that required immediate attention but offered to keep my dog until the vet could examine her. She then later called me with results and treatment plan.

Rosie M.

Civano was nothing short of amazing. Dr. McCrady was friendly, courteous, explained everything that was going on, and made me feel at ease. The entire staff was just wonderful.

Elizabeth P.

I have lived here for 2 1/2 years and have had a very challenging time finding a vet who can take care of Molly and Mickey, my 12 year old Westie’s. We have now found a vet home where we will be taken care of by this friendly and professional staff.

Sarah C.

I love the staff and facility and learned more about owning guinea pigs.

Karen D.

Thank you for seeing Caesar on such short notice in this emergency situation! You kept me updated on his condition and what was necessary to keep him safe and comfortable both there and when I brought him home. Thank you!

Richard D.

Staff very kind and attentive. A big plus, not too far from our home in the Vail area. A much needed facility this side of town.


Dr Roth was amazing! So sweet and informative. The tech we worked with was kind and professional and a calming presence for my (crazy) pet. In an emergency situation I never felt stressed or judged!

Nikki R.

You guys were a godsend when my puppy got hurt on a Sunday! I was seen right away and got to go inside with my pup which was a huge plus! A little bit of a drive for me but it was well worth it!

Anisa M.

First time at the Civano Animal Hosptial and Emergency Center and I was impressed from start to finish! It was an ER visit and they were caring, kind, quick and so informative! Dr. Roth and her staff were/are amazing! Thank you!!!

Diane L

I was surprised with how knowledgeable they were regarding my bunny’s condition, and although we were unable to hospitalize him they provided me with all the meds to care for him at home. The staff was kind and patient. Great animal service!

Lidi E.